class src.factorize_graph_matching.RebuildFGM[source]

Rebuild sparse affinity matrix in the formula of the paper “Factorized Graph Matching, in TPAMI 2015”

See construct_aff_mat() for detailed reference.

static backward(ctx, dK)[source]

Backward function from the affinity matrix \(\mathbf K\) to node-wise affinity matrix \(\mathbf K_e\) and edge-wize affinity matrix \(\mathbf K_e\).

static forward(ctx, Ke: torch.Tensor, Kp: torch.Tensor, Kro1: src.sparse_torch.csx_matrix.CSRMatrix3d, Kro2: src.sparse_torch.csx_matrix.CSCMatrix3d, Kro1T: Optional[src.sparse_torch.csx_matrix.CSRMatrix3d] = None, Kro2T: Optional[src.sparse_torch.csx_matrix.CSCMatrix3d] = None) torch.Tensor[source]

Forward function to compute the affinity matrix \(\mathbf K\).