Run the Experiment

Run Training and Evaluation

Run training and evaluation

python --cfg path/to/your/yaml

and replace path/to/your/yaml by path to your configuration file, e.g.

python --cfg experiments/vgg16_pca_voc.yaml

Default configuration files are in yaml format and are stored in experiments/.


You are welcomed to try your own configurations. If you find a better yaml configuration, please let us know by raising an issue or a PR and we will update the benchmark!

Load Pretrained Models

ThinkMatch provides pretrained models. The model weights are available via google drive.

To use the pretrained models, firstly download the weight files, then add the following line to your yaml file:
PRETRAINED_PATH: path/to/your/pretrained/weights
The naming of pretrained weights follows:
"prefix"_"CNN backbone"_"model name"_"dataset name".pt

"prefix": pretrained_params
"CNN backbone": vgg16
"model name": bbgm
"dataset name": voc